Outreach is meeting the needs of our community and world while expressing God's love in ways that build relationships while also providing opportunities to share God's plan for Salvation. Outreach is important to our Church because Outreach is important to God, and this therefore should make it important to every Christian. More specifically, Outreach is significant because...

  • Outreach is necessary for growth. Worship, discipleship, and serving are important, but if you never progress to the next stage of maturity by being involved in outreach, you will be spiritually lacking and incomplete. If one is truly walking with God in discipleship, worship, and service, then outreach will be a natural result. A living Church is reproducing, while a dying church has no heart or burden for the lost and needy in their community, nation and world in general. God also uses Outreach to naturally add numbers to His body.
  • Outreach models the life of Christ in meeting needs. Jesus taught that serving others is the same as serving Christ Himself.
  • Outreach results in God's blessing and favour on your life. The Bible is very clear that God intends to bless those whose hearts are focussed on reaching out to lost and hurting people.
  • Outreach is needed to reach the world. The world, now more than ever, needs to see and hear about the good news of God's love. Many will never know of God's love and will be lost unless we as Christians fulfil our obligation of love to them. We are to be the salt of the earth. We are to improve and make our environment better. WE are the Hands of Mercy that the Lord will use to reach many.
  • Outreach however requires synergy. Loving our community and world will require individual and organizational cooperation. It requires each of us to set aside our individual preferences and combine our time, talents and treasures. The Hands of Mercy mandate is benevolence, mercy and handling social responsibilities. A number of significant outreach objectives have been achieved and we would like to thank everyone involved.

Some examples of the outreach activities done by the Hands of Mercy...

  • Medical Camp at the Garden of Hope. Four doctors and two pharmaceuticals volunteered their professional services for the day at the Garden of Hope children's center in Ngong. The Church together with donations from local medical organizations was able to purchase drugs and medical utilities such as syringes and more.
  • Supporting the Garden of Hope in general. The Church has organised visits, sports events and fun days for the Garden of Hope children. The Hands of Mercy group spent quality time with the children on different occasions and are constantly looking for sustainable ways of supporting each of them and bringing transformation to their lives.
  • Providing school fees to some of the Church Members and others outside the Church to the level of our ability. The benevolence usually includes school uniforms and other auxiliary needs.
  • The Church has also been able to support three families by paying their rent.
  • Supporting the Jesus All in All Ministry in Kawangware by visiting the Church there and supporting the Pastor financially. The Pastor's daughter's school fees is also taken care of.
  • The Church also silently gave to the Turkana famine situation.

There are many activities that can be done and you can be a part of it. You can visit the information desk on Sunday for more information on how to participate, you can visit the Capital Marshal's page here to find out more about resource mobilization and you can visit the contact us page and leave a comment or send an email for more information and we will get back to you.