The couple's ministry is intended to provide a favourable environment for the growth and development of healthy and godly marriages.
These are the Truths we believe about marriage.

  • God is the Creator of marriage and therefore He has all its solutions.
  • The Bible is the original marriage handbook.
  • Marriage required trust, truth and openness
  • Every marriage is unique
  • Marriage is not for boys and girls
  • Marriage must involve the physical and natural as well as the spiritual and supernatural.

The Couple's ministry offers pre marital counselling classes for engaged couples. The Couple's Ministry has organised dinners and outings for the married couples that are aimed at welcoming new couples to the group, discussing the needs/issues/challenges/experiences of married couples and being a support for each other while fellowshipping and bonding in Christian love.
The Couple's ministry also intends to provide accountability and encouragement for dating couples, and so we encourage them to contact us so we can be there for them.