Jesus loves the little children... and so do we here at the Waterbrook. Much to our delight, the number of children in the Church keeps growing. This necessitated the formation of the children's church on Sunday which runs concurrently with the main service. There is now also a Crèche in the space adjacent to the sanctuary.
The children are being taught how to memorize verses, with some being able to say upto ten verses word perfect. It is a process that they enjoy every Sunday when we meet.
During special events such as Christmas or Easter, the children have staged presentations. Performing in front of people during these events has built up the self-esteem of some of them.
The family atmosphere at the children's church led them to develop a sense of brotherhood. They look out for each other and want to know how each is doing. This is also seen outside class where at times they invite each other to things birthday parties.

One of the biggest contributions you can make to this ministry is by joining our teaching staff. We could always use more volunteers... contact us through here, or at the information desk on Sunday!