The Waterbrook Church intends to position itself to engineer the greatest social and spiritual change East Africa will have seen since independence. In order to do this, the Church is thinking about expansion and growing our capacity.
By hosting foreign guests, the Church has already shown our capability to rally people and resources to make successful events that leave a positive impact.
Crucial to this are a special group of people called the Capital Marshalls. These are individuals in the Church charged with the task of identifying ways and means of pooling together resources that will help the Church achieve its mission.
The Church has several goals for the near future and for these, the Capital Marshals will play a crucial role. Some of these goals include

  • Campus Harvest – an effort to reach the college campuses around us. This demographic is crucial because influencing them means influencing the future. They can become icons of righteousness who will end up in government and other influential institutions.
  • Missions – Kenya owes its existence to missionaries who came to East Africa around 150 years ago. The missionaries established churches, hospitals, schools and other institutions that have shaped the way the nation has developed. We as a Church intend to get back to doing Missions for we can surely affect the future of the nation in this way.
  • Location – We intend to move locations and also change the service time from afternoon to morning. We believe these things will work together to enhance growth numerically and spiritually.

If you intend to be part of these resource mobilizers, please visit the contact page and let us know.