WBA-PST-PETEMalcolm Gladwell in his book, 'The Tipping Point' introduces us to a concept that many of us may not be familiar with – viral change. Anybody involved in what I have called 'change-ineering'- engineering change will appreciate that it is often a gradual process. Sometimes however it seems to happen suddenly and the world we live in changes drastically in a short time. The best recent example is the Arab Spring in North Africa.

One day there was a system of government and a way of life that had been in existence for decades. The next thing we know despots our generation had known for the longest time are no more and the voice of a new generation is now being heard in Libya, Egypt and Tunisia. Often this change is precipitated by something that is gradual but certain and sometimes accidental but often deliberate. In the case of Libya it was the efforts if the NTC (National Transition Council) and the "rebels". In the case of Egypt it was the efforts of the Facebook led generation who "posted" their way into a new dispensation.

The event that seemed to push this change in Northern Africa was in Tunisia on 18th December 2010 following Mohamed Bouazizi's self-immolation in protest of police corruption and ill treatment. This single event seems to have pushed the hitherto invisible youthful mass in the Arab world into a seething mass of revolt. I see a not dissimilar circumstance in Sub Saharan Africa but more specifically in Kenya.

The political, social and economic situation has conspired with adverse climatic conditions and other geo political manifestations such as the Al-Shabaab terror threat to create an environment ripe for dramatic change.

What is the role of a church like the Waterbrook in a time like this?

I believe if we can deliberately create the structure and position ourselves we can engineer the greatest social and spiritual change East Africa will have seen since independence and the struggle for multi party democracy. In order to do this we must think deliberately about expansion and in doing this we must plan for growing our capacity. It is with this in mind that we engaged in developing a strategy and the first step was to go through the purple book.

The purple book has been phenomenally successful in doing several things:

Firstly developing a spiritual foundation for the Waterbrook that we can depend on and replicate over and over. Secondly, it has also been a fantastic discipleship-training program where every participant has grown in 12 weeks in a way they never had in years. Thirdly, it has developed a community of believers who have found a second family in the Purple groups.

The hosting of foreign guests has shown our capacity to rally people and resources to make successful events that impact the church positively.

What does the future hold?

Our next step is Campus Harvest – an effort to reach the college campuses around us. I am deliberately looking to target this demographic because I am convinced that if we can impact the college campus students today, we can rest assured that government and other institutions in the very near future will be staffed by icons of righteousness.

I'd also like us to begin to develop a vision for missions. Kenya as a nation owes its existence to the missionaries who came to East Africa almost 150 years ago. The missionaries established churches, hospitals, schools and other institutions that have shaped the way the nation has developed. If we can aim our missions in the right direction we can contribute in some way to the future of this nation.

The time has also come for us to move locations and change our service time from afternoon to morning. I believe all these things will work together to enhance growth numerically, capacity wise as well as spiritually.

I am also convinced we can change the world. At the very least we can change our world and influence our environment. The revolution will come but it will begin with each one of us. If we will make incremental changes in a decisive way in the way we operate and think, we will certainly transform the world.