The Waterbrook is a pioneer Christian movement dedicated to raising a new generation of Kingdom-minded believers who will take transformation to the Nations.
The Waterbrook was birthed out of the itinerant ministry of the Rev. Pete Odera, an accomplished and well-respected music minister. God began to refresh Rev. Pete Odera's vision for a church during a time when he was serving at International Bible Society (IBS). This was between 2002 and 2003. Leaving IBS Rev. Odera launched out in response to the divine calling, founding the Waterbrook Church in 2004.

The previous generation had a strong focus on getting people to be professing Christians, but did a dismal job in getting that to translate into lifestyle. Consequently, Africa is a mess though large numbers of its people call themselves Christian.

The goal of the Waterbrook is to raise new leaders for this new generation. Key to this is a new mind-set. This is what "Kingdom Minded" refers to: A transformed and transformational philosophy that takes the Christian faith out into the places where we live and work.

" I did a focus group study on Nairobi's youth and discovered there were five areas of need.

  1. Education
  2. Employment
  3. Sexuality
  4. HIV
  5. Entertainment

My basic ethos is that if you can give answers to any of these five areas, you will have impacted the entire generation. Working, Biblical Answers." – Rev. Pete Odera.